Meet The Leaders: Surya Sen (Masterda)


March 22, 1894 – January 12, 1934

Much revered leader of the Chittagong Uprising

A different kind of leader – uncompromising, visionary, and inspiring – but never thrust himself to the foreground. Worked through collective leadership.

Founding Member of the 1918 Chittagong Revolutionary Organization

Teacher at the National High School at Chittagong

Disappointed at the failure of the Indian National Congress to demand independence at 1928 Calcutta session

Plans an audacious Uprising to prove that the British can be defeated militarily

Leads a successful Chittagong take-over on April 18, 1930 and a victorious battle of Jalalabad on April 22, 1930

After the battle of Jalalabad, carries out Guerilla warfare

Thanks to the shelter provided by Muslim peasants, eludes capture for three years

Finally captured on Feb 16, 1933 due to treachery of a Hindu landlord

Brutally tortured and hanged on Jan 12, 1934 by the British – and body disposed off in the Bay of Bengal

“Organization, unity and Ideals – uphold them to the hilt”. This was his last message before he was hanged


Masterda is played by a celebrated and versatile actor – Manoj Bajpayee (Gangs of Wasseypur, Satya, Shool, Fiza, Zubeidaa, Aks, Pinjar, 1971, Rajneeti …)

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