Meet The Leaders: Ganesh Ghosh

June 22, 1900 – December 12, 1992

Involved in a number of anti-British revolutionary activities, and jailed several times

Delegate to the historic 1928 Kolkata session of the Indian National Congress

Field Marshall of the Chittagong April 18, 1930 Uprising, and leads the take-over of the Police Lines

Gets accidentally separated from the main group after Chittagong take-over

Arrested on September 2, 1930 from Chandannagore near Kolkata

Leads an effort to escape the jail by digging tunnel, but fails

Sent to the Andaman Cellular Jail for life in September 1931

Released just before Indian Independence

Joins the Communist Party and serves 3 terms in the Bengal Legislature, and 1 term as a member of parliament in 1967

Ganesh Ghosh is played by an amazing Vishal Vijay (Gangs of Wasseypur, Halla Bol, Lakshya …)

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